Tom Rants Default Trust the IRA?

Trust the IRA? U.K.

Northern Ireland’s unionists must trust that the Irish Republican Army has destroyed all its weapons and help restore the province’s power sharing government, according to former U.S. Senator George Mitchell.

“They have to accept the reality that this is the manner in which it is going to occur and has occurred,” Mitchell, who chaired talks that led to the 1998 Good Friday peace accord, said in an interview today with RTE Radio in Dublin.

I think George Mitchell should consult with his former Soviet buddies about this issue of trust and disarmament. Doveryay, no proveryay, George, doveryay, no proveryay. It was good enough for the Soviets; it’s good enough for their lost progeny in Northern Ireland. I’d trust the IRA about as far as I can…verify them.

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