Tom Rants Default Ultimately, you have to stand for something

Ultimately, you have to stand for something

Democrats hope for traction against Republicans

Democrats hope the scandal creates enough public outrage to draw a sizeable number of voters to their side when legislation elections are held next year, but Hess was doubtful.

“It’s pretty hard to win elections just on the basis of an assortment of ethical charges. You can make something of the corruption, but you have to have something to wrap around it.

“Ultimately,” Hess said, “you have to stand for something”.

That’s the chief problem of the Democrats, obviously and really has been for decades. They have stood for pandering to whomever it takes to get elected and gather power. Unfortunately, if Tom DeLay’s troubles have any lesson for Republicans, it’s that the Republican Party has headed the same direction.

Sure, Republicans still have the advantage of being able to pay lip service to an agenda, but it’s largely just that so far as the Congressional leadership is concerned. Occasional opportunities have presented themselves for a Republican Congress to pass things that appeal to some Republican voters, but it’s been largely in areas that increase federal government power and spending. But, when it comes to those parts of the Republican agenda that decrease federal power or just government spending, it is just lip service to conservatism from a group of folks that look progressively closer to Jim Wright and Lyndon Johnson than Newt Gingrich and Ronald Reagan.

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