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Underemployment, Moving, General Housekeeping

Please bear with me for a general housekeeping and personal update post. Today (Friday the 14th of September in the Year of Our Lord 2007 and of the Independence of the United States the 232nd) is my last day of full employment for a bit. I’ll continue to have some self-employment income, so don’t worry, this isn’t a bleg. At least not a “hit the tip jar” type bleg anyway especially since there is no tip jar. As to why I’m going the route of the underemployed…

I’ll be needing to update some of the descriptions of this little tabloid where I’ve used “Musings and commentary from a southwest Missouri libertarian conservative,” as sometime later this month I’m heading for a place my wife likes to call Chicago and I like to call Canada. It is in fact the land of Russ Feingold, Joe McCarthy and Tommy Thompson. I’m heading there just in time to experience an Arctic Winter firsthand. I suppose I’ll update the description to something like “A Missouri Rebel in James Doyle’s Court.” It is a Blue State with the highest taxes in the US. Fortunately it is a Red District, represented by Paul Ryan, a former speechwriter for Jack Kemp. Plus they offer free healthcare for illegal aliens, so since I’m already brushing up on the Spanish if I can figure out how to work on the tan during those Arctic Winters, I’m all set. I know these things because there are at least two Frednecks in the area blogging at The American Mind and Boots and Sabers. And, if I stay long enough to pay those high taxes and change my voter registration, I get to vote against Russ Feingold, which is almost as good as voting against John McCain.

I may have made note of it before, but in an attempt to keep this front page relatively uncluttered with such things I’ve moved several things to other parts of this site.

My Library – consists of book reviews, mostly of books that I own, and related matters.

Mlog – Not a photoblog, not a Vlog, it’s a MultimediaLog. Right now mostly videos and photos, but I may post anything from pretty pictures to podcasts. I just posted a YouTube video about the effort to pardon Johnny Cash for his crime against flora in Starksville, Mississippi. Now I’m working on posting the second video of a kitten from EvilCat’s latest litter. (Apologies to Bob Barker, EvilCat went into heat early, had a silent heat within days of weaning litter number 1 and is going to the vet the day it’s safe for these kittens for her to be anesthetized.)

Election 2008 Countdown – I did a lot of work on this immediately after the 2004 election and have let it slide some the last year and a half. I’ll be updating and renovating over the next few weeks and then keeping it up to date through the election. I’ll still be posting my wild partisan Rants right here, but trying to do more thoughtful news and analysis there.

Finally, I’m also working on a few other online projects and I expect that for at least a little while those will be my full time focus. I’m up to 40 domain names in my collection obsession now, so at an hour apiece each week, that’s a full time job. Visit the links to my other sites or this page if any of them appeal – suggestions, contributions (of thought and writing) and just using the sites are all appreciated.

That is all.


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