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Tom Rants Default Urgent Action Needed on Tax Reform

Urgent Action Needed on Tax Reform

The President’s panel on tax reform failed in its mandate to recommend “a plan to promote simplicity, fairness, and transparency. Instead, the Panel merely tinkered with the current complex and confusing tax code, making it even more complex.” Treasury Secretary Snow is to report on tax reform to the President and Americans for Fair Taxation is urging letters be sent to Snow as well as to members of Congress in the next 48 hours. The wake-up call to the President’s advisors the last two months has them taking conservatives seriously on immigration reform and foreign policy, it’s time to push them to live up to the President’s promises on serious, fundamental tax reform. The President promised, and appointed a panel to provide, tax reform that did more than tinker around the edges of the current horrible mess. Whether you support the Fair Tax, the Flat Tax or something else, it’s important to let the Secretary know that conservatives and American’s generally are not happy with the current system and very unhappy with the panel’s failure to live up to its responsibility.


ISSUE: Now it is the time to roar!

ACTION: Please e-mail letters, fax communications and call the Secretary of the Treasury office to support the FairTax.

It is important that you communicate to Treasury Secretary John Snow in the next 48 hours your support of the FairTax.

Background: The President’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform recently tried to bury the FairTax by using false assumptions and inaccurate research. Their findings, however, have been almost universally condemned as a failure of vision and a continuation of the Washington insider’s game. Secretary Snow now must provide his best advice to President Bush on how to reform the federal income tax system. FairTax advocates must now organize the most massive outpouring of taxpayer communications to express your anger over the failure of the Panel to recommend any fundamental change to the dysfunctional federal income tax system.

Your Communications should cite these Reasons to Support the FairTax in your own words:

  1. The President should support HR 25 and help enact the FairTax for the good of the nation. The President’s Tax Advisory Panel ignored multi-million dollar research and misstated the effects of the FairTax in order to protect the status quo.
  2. President Bush charged the Tax Advisory Panel with recommending a plan to promote simplicity, fairness, and transparency. Instead, the Panel merely tinkered with the current complex and confusing tax code, making it even more complex. Not one serious economist could be found to endorse the current system while many highly regarded economists support the FairTax.
  3. The Tax Panel’s recommendations benefit lobbyists, law firms, and tax advisors and not the American people. The Panel essentially endorsed the current failed system and there was no effort to analyze the FairTax.
  4. The FairTax replaces all federal income and payroll taxes with a revenue neutral, 23% national sales tax.
  5. The FairTax is fair because it:
    a. Has No exceptions, No exclusions = No loopholes
    b. Untaxes the poor through a prebate
    c. Enables workers and retirees to keep 100% of their paychecks
    d. Encourages greater savings, investment, job creation, productivity, and economic growth
    e. Increases taxpayer compliance while reducing compliance costs
    f. Eliminates the stifling bureaucracy of the IRS
  6. The FairTax has strong and growing support among the public because it replaces a broken and destructive tax system with a simple, transparent, and fair retail sales tax that is good for all Americans.
  7. The Treasury Department should offer alternatives to the President which include the FairTax since only the FairTax reflects the will of the American people and the principles that President Bush defined as the basis for true tax reform.

Send your letter to:

Honorable John Snow,
Secretary of the Treasury
FAX number: 202-622-0073
Phone number: 202-622-1100

Please open with: Dear Secretary Snow

Please Enlist the Help of Friends, Colleagues and Concerned Citizens Now for This Effort. Now is the Moment for FairTax Advocates to be Heard at the Highest Levels of our Government.

Similar Correspondence Should be Sent to Your Senators and Representatives Urging them to Write Secretary Snow to Reject the Panel’s Recommendations and Offer the White House REAL Alternatives that Represent True Reform.

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