Tom Rants Default Walking in a Winter…Wonderland? Yeah, That's It

Walking in a Winter…Wonderland? Yeah, That's It

For anyone who might be wondering where I’ve been…

Three and a half-days with no electric service (and no central heat). A day and a half with no water service followed by several days of “boil orders”. Still no internet service – I’m 30 miles from home as I write this. Six more inches of snow forecast for Saturday. The regularly scheduled programming will resume at a time and place of God’s convenience.

Partial photo set of the damage caused in my immediate vicinity by what is apparently a federally declared “disaster”, the cooking and heating without electricity and the entertainment when TV and internet disappear are here on Flickr. More photos will follow eventually in the same set, but the damaged electric lines sent a power surge past my surge protector and fried the desktop computer with the built-in card reader so I have to go dig up the older USB card reader first. (For anyone a little slow on the uptake, the comment on the photo set is my tongue-in-cheek jab at the folks who blamed Hurricane Katrina on a racist conspiracy. I have yet to see any government official from any level doing much of anything useful in this mess. Which is fine – we had food, water and a wood stove.)

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