Tom Rants Default What if Googlebot Shrugged?

What if Googlebot Shrugged?

Ben Rathbone with Google’s Hardware Operations had the opportunity to paint a mural in one of Google’s datacenters and to share it on Google’s Blog. His comments, the mural and what Google does struck me as heroic in the Randian sense.

Though I didn’t take this challenge too seriously at first, I couldn’t help playing around with some ideas. If you’ve been in a data center, you know there is a lot of wire, and racks with stacks of servers in them. I had some experience running websites and had seen evidence of the Googlebot hitting my own websites. Some kind of robot icon could be a neat starting point. Then I pondered the question: what does Google do? The grossly simplified answer that I came up with is Google connects the world with the Internet.

Googlebot mural

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