What if it had happened in Vegas?

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Jack Ryan dealt the Republican Party a blow on Friday when he quit the race for a U.S. Senate seat in Illinois amid allegations that he took his television star wife to clubs and asked her to have sex with him in front of strangers.

Here come the Hollywood liberals with a little more of their selective standards.

Oh, where to start, there’s just so much to say here.
These allegations were part of a sealed custody case and I think leaking them was illegal. Somebody leaked them long before the press wouldn’t have sued to get them unsealed. Aside from being illegal, can you really believe every allegation that’s made in a custody case and leaked by the Hollywood liberal friends of the ex?

All that aside though, I have to agree with what would normally be the Democratic take on this – it’s nobody’s business. Granted, the sex clubs were in the wrong town. After all, if they’d visited sex clubs in Vegas nobody could say a word. Even Baptists gamble and drink beer in Vegas. I doubt they have sex even there, but you get my point.

Then there’s the wife. Six, er, I mean Seven of Nine. Can you blame him? Even as a borg this babe still oozes sex. He was married to her. I would imagine he was getting what he could, where he could, any time he could. In the bedroom, in the kitchen, in an elevator, in a sex club, on the roof, in the pool….Oh, I got a bit distracted there. But my point is, I think he was married to her, so who cares.

And in the category of who cares, have you seen the reports “respondent alleges that blah blah blah.” Did Ken Starr write this? No, as boring as the Starr Report was, at least he knew enough to throw in the cigar story.

Side note: Doesn’t the Democrat sound a little suspicious? Obama? Maybe we could get Michael Moore to look into this, there’s got to be something there. With a name like that we’ve either got a terrorist or somebody who works for Halliburton, I’m sure.

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