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Tom Rants Default What is THEIR point?

What is THEIR point?

So I click an advertisement to a site offering the “Don’t blame me” variety of anti-GOP bumperstickers. One of them says this, ” Jesus was a liberal. Now whats your point?” And I’m wondering how this supports their (liberal) point of view. I don’t tend to agree with the premise, but even if I did, I as a conservative would in fact say “What’s your point?” I’m not sure how that’s an endorsement of liberalism. But then the liberal mind is admittedly a mystery to me. (Although there the similarity with the divine mind ends.)

As far as the premise, it’s like the “Jesus was the first nonviolent peace activist” aging hippy, who was talking about a different Jesus than the one who said “I bring not peace, but a sword” and recommended that his disciples keep track of their scrip and if a man did not have a sword, “sell his garment and buy one. ” But that’s okay, I’ll concede it. Jesus was liberal, now what’s your point?

Red, White & Liberal : How Left Is Right & Right Is Wrong (Page 209 – Jesus Was a Liberal – So, Alan, what’s your point?)

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