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Yes, Virginia, there is a St. Valentine.

Tom Rants Default When you're to the left of al Jazeera…

When you're to the left of al Jazeera…

you prove you’re like gravity to stupid.

You know, I really wish Iraq were having an honest, safe, real election. But that isn’t happening…

His fellow travellers of course have to make comments about “mr. adolph bush,” which has me confused. Adolphus BusCh was the beer baron. AdolF Hitler was the Nazi madman. I wonder what exactly the satellite thinks he’s implying. Is there a secret GOP plot to put Oliver and Company to work in a beer production camp? Damn, I never get in on any of the good secret plots.

This was Wizbang’s Quote of the Day complete with a good pictorial representation of the guy who wrote it.

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