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Tom Rants Default Where's the liberal outrage?

Where's the liberal outrage?

10 year old arrested and handcuffed by Florida police

The boy in handcuffs is 10 years old. If he had been selling crack or assaulting a teacher, liberals would be calling for that cops head on a platter. But no, you didn’t see these pictures on the evening news. Pinellas County, Florida has to be simply the most corrupt county in the United States – Los Angeles and Cook County cops have nothing on that guy.

For the edification of any police who might read this, when ordered to arrest a 10 year old boy for carrying a bottle of water or to put a Jew in a cattle car, the correct response is “No.” If your superior doesn’t get it and insists, pick from these two “I quit” or “Go to Hell.”

Added 3/27 I have been following this since late 2002, early 2003, so I didn’t put any explanation in here. The boy was arrested for trying to take a bottle of water onto the grounds of the hospice where Terry Schiavo is being held.

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