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Tom Rants Default White House Chose to Promote New Book (

White House Chose to Promote New Book (

White House Chose to Promote New Book (
“Woodward Account Seen as Overall Positive, Though Not What Had Been Hoped For”

The fact that a book by one of the reporters who brought down Richard Nixon casts the President in an “overall positive” light ought to say something to the hate-Bush crowd.

It won’t, of course, because this hardcore 10-15% of the population, including such useful idiots of Baathist propaganda as the Pixie Stix and Baghdad Sean Penn, are beyond rational thought or civil discourse. These fools compare George W. Bush to Hitler when Baathism is Arab Nationalist Socialism, Hitler was a German Nationalist Socialist and George W. Bush is at heart a capitalist.

For the much sought after swing voter on the other hand an ‘overall positive’ may be good, unfortunately there are a couple of factors that may make the book a moot point. First, these swing voters vote their pocketbook, not their intellect. Second, for the most part they don’t actually read books on politics; at most they may listen to the 60 Minutes interview that painted an entirely different picture of, as Rush Limbaugh said, “an anti-Bush, antiwar screed.” I’m not saying swing voters lack intelligence, simply that those who read books about politics are usually partisan as it’s almost impossible to read many without developing a defining political philosophy that takes one out of the ‘swing’ category.

Basically, this book won’t change many minds. Perhaps a very few borderline Democrats may stop buying into the idea that the President lied, but anyone partisan enough to believe he did probably still won’t vote for him.

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