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Tom Rants Default Why a vote for Badnarik is a threat to liberty

Why a vote for Badnarik is a threat to liberty

The typical Libertarian Party line is that Republicans represent a pro-government social view and an anti-government economic policy and that Democrats are fiercely pro-liberty on social policy and pro-government on economic policy. If this view were true, a vote for Badnarik or his ilk might be justified. The frightening reality, as reinforced by Democrats recent attempts to shackle political free speech by Sinclair Broadcasting, is that the Democratic Party is driven by one thing – power. They are interested in absolute power over all aspects of our lives, social and economic. Of course, with control of the pursestrings, they wil have control of everything. They make noises about liberty in areas that benefit them, like abortion, by contributing to the breakdown of the strongest non-government social unit, the family.

The Republican support of the family, sometimes appears to clash with liberty on the surface as with opposition to gay marriage but this is miniscule when compared to the sweeping antiliberty agenda of the Democrats on nearly every issue. In some cases it may even be beneficial to liberty in the bigger picture in supporting the counterbalances to federal power of the local community and the family. More importantly, to stick with the example of gay marriage, Republicans would not stop those who disagree from saying so and trying to change it, as many Republicans have done during primaries and conventions. Republicans, even most so called ‘social conservatives’, are actually pro-freedom on economic matters and mostly pro-freedom on social matters generally believing that what other people do should be tolerated unless it crosses the line to violating other’s rights. Looked at in the traditional libertarian light of protecting rights, the single most important pro-family issue of the social conservatives, protecting life, is not one that I or any other libertarian could reasonably disagree with them on anyway. And yes, Republicans are for law and order, but that is not anti-liberty, unless one believes that liberty entails a right to steal, to commit fraud or to assault another.

All that aside, for one issue and one issue alone, these eighteen Democrat Senators have shown that a vote against George W. Bush, whether for Kerry or any of the third party candidates, creates a real clear and present danger to liberty by putting in power a party that will not hesitate to use the federal apparatus to silence meaningful, pro-freedom dissent. “The political left is outraged” that the FCC would not do an “‘absolute disservice to the First Amendment…[that] would be unconstitutional if we attempted to do so.”
We should all be outraged that the political left which created political correctness and hate speech laws continues to masquerade as being pro-free speech and pro-Democracy. There is a real choice in this election – one party would control your livelihood and your speech, the other wants you to control both.

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