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Why I am not a Libertarian

Michael Badnarik’s Operation American Freedom

When these adjustments are considered, it provides 1,243,358 votes for Badnarik and 545,998 votes for Nader.

This is something they are excited about. Third place. I can’t get excited about third place. Third place and $1 will get Michael Badnarik a cup of coffee. And it’s not as if these are big gains, this is in the same range votes that Libertarian Presidential candidates have been polling since 1972. During the same time both major parties have increased their vote totals, in spite of third party activity. The one electoral vote in 1972 was the high point for the LP really.

On the other hand in just a few short years the Club for Growth has worked within the GOP to produce real these results and real wins (among others) to really increase liberty:

The Club for Growth won 17 out of 19 of our targeted races in the Nov. 5th election—a record of success that exceeded even our most optimistic forecasts. We also had a string of eight key victories in contested primaries.

Twelve of the thirty-three GOP House Freshmen were elected with full Club for Growth backing. We’re confident these twelve will be among the stars of the new class. Five of the eight Senate GOP freshmen received substantial Club member support.

Winning Republican primaries for pro-liberty candidates and then putting them in office makes a real difference. LP breastbeating feels good. I’d rather make a real difference.

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