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Tom Rants Default Will Jack Ryan get back in the race? Sean Hannity hopes so.

Will Jack Ryan get back in the race? Sean Hannity hopes so.

Sean Hannity was pushing Jack Ryan to get back in the Senate race in Illinois today. Ryan committed to consider it between now and his appearance on Fox News Channel’s Hannity and Colmes tonight. Hannity is running a poll at his website “Should Jack Ryan get back in the Senate race?”

Hannity’s arguments sounded familiar: 1) It was nobody’s business but Jack and Jeri Ryans. 2) The allegation wasn’t that they did anything, only that he suggested it. 3) If the allegations were true, he’s a bit of a “freak” (per Hannity anyway) but she was his wife.

As of now (4:30 PM Central) the poll is running 93% in favor of Ryan getting back in the race with 3901 votes. Regardless of whether he does (which I doubt he will) hopefully this will at least start the process of saying that we won’t stand for a ridiculous double standard that allows serial philanderers without an ounce of discretion to be elected as long as they’re Democrats, but requires a Republican to resign at the possibility that he wanted to have sex with his wife.

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