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Yeah, so?

Apparently it’s not just conservative Christians who don’t understand their own theology. Gay, liberal Christians seem to have some fundamental problems of understanding, too. Andrew Sullivan takes time out from trekking across Europe with a bag of donated money to say that he is surprised, shocked, outraged, that the newly elected Pope:

“…proclaims his version of the truth as God-given and therefore unalterable and undebatable.”

Uh, yeah. Isn’t that what Pope’s do? Proclaim the God-given, unalterable, undebatable truth? Now I’m no expert, but I had always been under the impression that it was the job of Christ’s Vicar on Earth to, you know, proclaim the will of God. Sullivan maintains that he is a believing Catholic who has felt the presence of God during Mass. However, he apparently doesn’t believe that God-given truth is unalterable and undebatable or else he doesn’t believe that Pope’s actually proclaim God-given truth. This either makes him a Protestant, a Christian who doesn’t think that the Pope’s version of the truth is “God-given,” or a New Hampshire Episcopalian who doesn’t think that God-given truth is “unalterable and undebatable.”

Truth And Tolerance: Christian Belief And World Religions
Truth and Tolerance: Christian Belief and World Religions by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

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