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Tom Rants Default You really want "no more Columbines"?

You really want "no more Columbines"?

Yahoo! News – Thailand Lets Teachers Carry Guns in Restive South
“Thailand gave teachers in its troubled Muslim south permission Tuesday to carry guns in classrooms to help allay safety fears sparked by a four-month spate of attacks on schools and public buildings.”

A couple of years back there was a Georgia legislator proposing that at least one school teacher or administrator in each school should carry concealed. Sort of a “School Marshal”. You really want “no more Columbines” this is what we need. And isn’t it just a matter of time before the Osama’s figure out that our schools are completely unprotected? The government buildings and even corporate headquarters have metal detectors and those big concrete flowerpot barricades to stop car bombs. Our schools? Nothing.

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