Your government failed you

In “Your government failed you” NeoWayland at Pagan Vigil “can’t help but notice some things.:

First, there is almost a universal condemnation of government, in particular the Federal government, for failing to meet what was promised. First in terms of flood control and levee construction, and then in disaster response.

Second, the only long term “solutions” that are being considered are more money and more power being given to the FedGovs.

There has got to be another way.

Don Boudreaux of Cafe Hayek, a native of New Orleans, says “Katrina umasked the pretenses of government as savior.”

time people reject as a cruel hoax the notion that government possesses superhuman powers and is motivated by angelic intentions? That it can do things that non-political institutions cannot do?

Who can still believe that, when the chips are down and there’s no one left to count on, people can count on their government for basic help?

Although I understand it would be impolitic of him to do so, I wish George Bush would say these things. I wish the FEMA official who was being berated by Ted Koppel last night had said, “Look, I’m a conservative Ted. What’s our number one message as conservatives? Government doesn’t work. Do you get it now, Ted?” But hey, at least Don Boudreaux, NeoWayland and I are free to say the things they can’t.

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