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Tom Rants Default Your Kids, PETA's pawns

Your Kids, PETA's pawns


Despite denunciations from psychologists and school officials, PETA continues to target children as young as six years old with violent and graphic propaganda. Sidestepping parents and school authorities, PETA lures young and impressionable children into radical activism with a coordinated effort including the use of graphic comic books, grotesque toys, schoolyard demonstrations, e-mail alerts sent directly to 65,000 children, and even a classroom lecturer with a felony rap sheet.

Putting felons in classrooms and otherwise exposing children to danger and trauma are exactly the sort of thing we might expect from these people. These are the folks who think it’s wrong to cage a tiger but think nothing of throwing blood on a human being. They need to get through their head that animals have the same rights as any other property – the right not to be stolen from their owner and the right not to be damaged or destroyed by anyone other than their owner.

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