I've been remiss

I’ve spent a lot of time working on the “guts” of this site and others powered by the excellent WordPress software. In the process, I’ve gotten a lot of help from the volunteers on the WordPress support forums and while I’ve tried to remember to thank them there, I’ve neglected to thank them publicly here in the forum I control. A couple of them, whose blogs I’ve checked out, helped me in spite of the fact that they are probably about 180 degrees opposed to my point of view on a number of issues. So, to the volunteers generally and especially to these who have either answered my specific questions or whose answers to other people have given me great ideas, THANK YOU!

The specifics that read like an Oscars speech even though I haven’t won any awards are after the cut…

These are the big three that have helped a lot in the forums.
Podz (all around and CSS expert)
Lorelle (Validation expert)
macmanx (Expert at finding the answers)
For lots of help and ideas in the forums plus the ChaitGear plugin pack –
David Chait

Geeksmakemehot For pug blogging and good ideas.

And generally the developer team for providing the product:
Alex King whose site is a wealth of information
Matt Who is the public face of WordPress
Carthik who also runs Wordlog.

Plus everyone else who contributes in the support forum including the people who contribute questions that get me thinking or give me ideas.