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Tom Rants Default Secure Liberty – The Bush Domestic Agenda

Secure Liberty – The Bush Domestic Agenda

Great article on the President’s agenda for an Ownership Society. Only thing I’d add is that in addition to being the right thing politically the things the President is pushing are right on their own merits as well.

Secure Liberty – The Bush Domestic Agenda

This is the vision of a true ownership society. Home ownership is at a record high overall, and among blacks. Stock ownership is now at 70%, up from 20% in 1980. If President Bush can convince the Congress to finally pass some Social Security privatization and to also put janitorial, landscaping, construction and other jobs up to bid, with no unionization requirement, he will blast a massive hole in the Democratic party. The Democratic party is a collection of government leeches. Most government employees vote Democratic on the basis of job security. That entire voting block must be eliminated.

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