Strengthen Security at Every Vulnerability – Agenda for America – Chapter 4 :: Agenda for America – Chapter 4

Continue to Strengthen Security at Every identified Vulnerability – President Bush will tighten border security by hiring additional border patrol agents, increasing unmanned aerial vehicle flights and remote video surveillance, and expanding biometric identification at the top fifty land ports of entry by the end of 2004.

Obviously border security is a huge issue in the war on terror. Better border security at the US-Canada border could have stopped several of the 9/11 hijackers and might have fouled the plan. Fortunately, I think we can trust George Bush not to confuse the need for border security with an opportunity for the kind of anti-Mexican racism that to which many folks across the political spectrum have fallen prey. It was the US-Canada border that was the problem after all – Mexicans looking for work had not a thing to do with it.