State Auditor Candidate Endorsement: Colonel Jack Jackson

The Missouri primary election is Tuesday and in this area the only real contest is the five way race for state auditor. With the exception of the convicted felon, I can’t say anything negative about any of the Republican candidates. All would fulfill the jobs qualifications and all seem quite capable of handling the position’s basic responsibilities. That said, one candidate stands out from the field in experience and ideas: Colonel Jack Jackson.

In experience, Colonel Jackson is the handsdown winner with experience in the military, private industry and protecting taxpayer’s money in the state legislature. Colonel Jackson is a proven leader, serving as a Marine aviator in Vietnam, a Harrier Instructor Pilot in the US Marine Corps during Desert Storm, Chief Pilot-Production Test at Boeing and President of the freshman legislative class in the 2002 Missouri legislature. Jackson was the Missouri VFW Legislator of the Year in 2003 and the American Legion Legislator of the Year in 2004. He has the experience to manage the auditor’s staff effectively.

In ideas, Colonel Jackson has two important idea that could save Missouri taxpayers money. First, he’s proposed an audit of the auditor’s office itself. A top to bottom review of the auditor’s office could expose cost savings, but more importantly it sets the example for the rest of state government. Second, he’s proposed embedding accountants from the auditor’s office in major state projects from the outset to stop abuses before they cost taxpayers money. To quote his campaign website:

Recent audits on projects like the St. Louis Metrolink expansion documented huge cost overruns, delays and problems with management after they occurred, under Jack Jackson’s plan the waste of millions upon millions of dollars could have been avoided.

The entire serious GOP field outclasses the Democratic candidates substantially, but Colonel Jackson is the cream of the crop.

Colonel Jack Jackson for State Auditor