Focusing on the Wrong Border

Various groups are focused on a perceived national security threat at our southern border, a threat that to the extent it exists is the result of making it too difficult for Mexican migrant workers to cross legally at controlled border crossings in turn making it harder to track who is crossing that border. Meanwhile the border that has actually been crossed by foreign terrorists – the undefended, largely unpatrolled northern one – was nearly the crossing point for another attack and, thanks to continued Canadian complacency, still could be.

…[the reported ringleader of the recently uncovered plot to attack train tunnels in New York] studied economics in Montreal and has visited his Canadian girlfriend there but said he did not hold a Canadian passport…
The Canadian Press has learned that Canadian police questioned a second man they suspected of active involvement in the conspiracy. The man, reportedly from Montreal, was released because there wasn’t enough evidence to hold him. – World – Ringleader a Canadian: FBI

The focus on Mexican illegal immigrants and a border that has not actually been a national security issue distracts from the real threat – terrorism. Mexico is very agressive in defending its own borders and policing who enters. Progressive, tolerant Canada subscribes to a more European approach that actually opens the door to real terrorists. Fruit pickers, poultry plant workers and other laborers are not a threat to the United States; terrorists are. If we truly need to divert resources from tracking and attacking terrorists to border security then we need to unmuddy the waters, leave anti-Mexican racism out of the mix and at least focus the resources where the threat exists.

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