I'm proud of my country today

I’m proud of my country today because of how far it has come and how much was right in the first place.

The first black Secretary of State, the son of immigrants, is being succeeded by the first black woman to hold the position, a woman born in segregated Alabama in the 1950s. Two American success stories of the triumph of determination and education.

Perhaps the most effective Attorney General in the history of the Republic, the son of a preacher from the midwest, is being succeeded by the son of immigrants and the first Hispanic to hold the post. Two more American success stories of the triumph of hard work and talent.

Over 116 million Americans refused to be intimidated by terrorists and helped determine the future of the country by voting. The triumph of democracy over terrorism.

Almost 60 million of those Americans refused to allow the election to be bought and paid for by a billionaire elitist who felt entitled to choose our government for us. The triumph of democracy over plutocracy.

The Democrat who mobilized millions of voters and small donors and was finally done in by the MSM now has an outside shot at becoming DNC chair. Triumph of people at the grass roots over special interests and big money.

American troops in Fallujah won the battle with these savages who killed a woman whose only goal in life was to help them. The triumph of civilization over barbarism.

Private spaceship designers were awarded a $10 million dollar prize for being the first to launch a human being into suborbital space in a reusable craft and do it again within two weeks. Ten days after the award of the prize, NASA scientists launched the first air-breathing craft to fly at 10 times the speed of sound. The triumph of science and engineering over barriers that would have seemed insurmountable 50 years ago.