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Yes, Virginia, there is a St. Valentine.

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Beer Hall of Fame

Beer Hall of Fame

After months of intense competition from over 60 great cities across the USA, Leisure Technician LLC, owner and operator of the Beer Hall of Fame, U.S. Beer Drinking Team, Beer Radio and Beer Television has initiated negotiations with a prominent business development team led by Randall Herbst of the Vision Implementation Group LLC (VIG) to have Cincinnati, Ohio as the permanent host city for the Beer Hall of Fame.

Of course Cleveland might have made more send as the home of Buzz Beer, but it already has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In any case, once this place is finished, I think a road trip to Ohio may be in order. Perhaps I’ll visit the holy city of Toledo too and make it a pilgrimage. Which is more pious, a pilgrimage or a road trip?

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