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Secretary of Defense James Mattis

Still a damn good pick

In 2010, I wrote that Barack Obama had made an excellent pick for the new Commander of US Central Command, a man who “liked his job killing ‘guys who slap women around for five years.’” Today, again, in the Credit Where It’s Due Department, I have to say that President-elect Trump appears to have made […]

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when fascism comes to the United States

The Party of Mouch and Windrip has left me

Any number of well known, articulate conservative thinkers have made the case in the last two months for leaving the Republican Party or, in an appropriate nod of respect to a great Republican at such a time, the case why the Republican Party has left them. For most of them, the nomination of Donald J. […]

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Why even have a country?

There’s a particular non-argument that those who oppose free trade and reasonable immigration policies fall back on time and again as if it settles everything: “Why even have a country?” (I’ll pass on the easy answer: “You tell me?”) The phrase “Why even have a country?” presupposes that language and borders are more important than […]

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Why good people are falling for Trump’s socialism

Jeffrey Tucker of the Foundation for Economic Education hits the heart of why good people are falling for the Trump bait in his take down of Trump’s new socialist economic policy proposals, the plan that only Bernie Sanders could love. Trump has fashioned himself as anti-establishment, a classic populist. You might think that has something […]

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The Republican Party Platform History: Episode 1

“Resolved, That the highwayman’s plea, that “might makes right,” embodied in the Ostend Circular, was in every respect unworthy of American diplomacy, and would bring shame and dishonor upon any Government or people that gave it their sanction.”… “They have been deprived of life, liberty, and property without due process of law;… That the freedom […]

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