A solution to the Pluto dilemma

Brilliant flash of inspiration from a misread headline. The headline actually said:

Pluto demotion won’t change local display

I read:

Pluto demolition won’t change local display

What a plan! Solve the whole thing by busting Pluto up into little bitty chunks. For people with a decent telescope, it might even make a fireworks display of comparable size to that Euro spacecraft crashing into the moon last week.

And why not make a game of planetary billiards out of it. Pick a big near earth asteroid, say Apophis, attach a solar powered mass driver and send it through one of those Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune Star Trek inspired gravitational slingshot maneuvers. (And a day late Happy 40th Anniversary to Star Trek, by the way.) Slam it into Charon at the right angle and send Charon into a declining orbit to smash into Pluto. Either they bust into bits or they all congeal into something big enough no one can say it’s not a planet.

Artist's conception of Charon as seen from the surface of Pluto

In the meantime, I’m a conservative so…

Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto…Got it?

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