Alan Keyes is an idiot

Okay, no great news there, since most conservatives and any nonconservative who knows who he is have known it for years. But the latest installment pretty much takes him to a new height.

Dean’s World – Alan Keyes Strikes Again

Maya, 19, says her parents cut her off because of who she is — “a liberal queer.” Tomorrow, she will take her private dispute with her dad into the open. She is scheduled to make her debut as a political animal, speaking at a rally in Annapolis sponsored by Equality Maryland, the state’s gay rights lobby.

So, here’s what we can say about Alan Keyes – he’s a jerk to his family, he lacks Christian charity and in that proves that he lacks an understanding of his own theology. Jesus Christ associated with whores and tax collectors. Alan Keyes won’t speak to his own daughter. Hopefully, this last Senate campaign will be the last we hear from this freak of nature who preaches Christian theocracy for the nation while lacking the least personal grounding in the better parts of Christian behavior.

Republicans, even Christian Republicans, don’t hold a thespian sister or a lesbian daughter against someone. Every Republican, and especially Christian Republicans who believe as Paul that “now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity,” should deplore a man who treats his family this way.

I’ve read a few other opinions on this. I’ve just never been a fan of Alan Keyes. Generally, I can be pretty tolerant of other people’s opinions and figure their family situations are strictly their own business. In this case, I don’t see any reason to extend to him any sort of tolerance when the man has no tolerance for divergent opinons, lifestyles or religions himself. The impression I get is that he struggles not to lash out at Christians of other denominations from his own as ‘selfish hedonists’. Of course, he’s not an idiot, but he certainly does act like one from time to time.