Art Laffer gives Bush an "A" in economics

Art Laffer the Father of Supply Side Economics is very positive about Bush’s economic policies. Here’s an excerpt:

Q: What grade do you give Bush on economics?

A: I’m really shocked by it. As you probably know, I was not a fan of his father’s. I voted for Clinton twice. I really thought Bush (the elder) and Bob Dole were tax collectors for the welfare state. The reason I voted for Bush W. was more Al Gore than it was Bush. And now I am just totally a fan. This guy is just incredibly good at economics.

Doesn’t sound like Laffer is too worried about a 2.9% of GDP deficit or thinking that the current account deficit is going to drive us to poverty. At least he’s not worried enough about either to give Bush poor marks. And he certainly wouldn’t be advocating tax increases to deal with the deficit, which is the real agenda of every politician in the country that’s talking deficits with possibly two exceptions.

Found this tacked to Newmark’s Door.