Don't Pass Gas – I thought this was a joke

I was listening to the Sean Hannity show the other day and during the break this bizarre commercial starts playing about the deadly effects of passing gas. Well, Rush Limbaugh’s show is known for its parody advertising, including some good sendups of PSAs with things like “boil, don’t broil your meat” and “Keeping Our Own Kids Safe” so I thought this was a parody, too.

I wasn’t sure what they were parodying, as the voice began listing all the problems caused by passing gas, including the ‘deadly fumes’ that linger long for ‘hours’ after the smell is gone, saying how it wasn’t just taboo “it can be deadly,” and “hundreds of infants a year die” from passed gas.

No, it wasn’t a parody. It was a real antismoking PSA.

Check it out.