How could 8 million people be so brave?

From Lebanon’s Daily Star — People power: Iraqi voters make their mark

Iraq’s Shiite majority and long-suffering Kurds flocked to polling stations Sunday and even in the Sunni heartland some ventured out despite the deadly unrest overshadowing the election. While in some areas turnout was scant, in most places, including violent Sunni Arab regions, it exceeded expectations.

From the Daily Times of Pakistan:

Iraqis defied violence and calls for a boycott to cast ballots in Iraq’s first free election in a half-century on Sunday. Insurgents seeking to wreck the vote struck polling stations with a string of suicide bombings and mortar volleys, killing at least 44 people, including nine suicide bombers.

From al Jazeera:

Speaking to Aljazeera from the northern city of Mosul, Mustafa Ibrahim, an independent Iraqi journalist, said the turnout in Mosul had been “fair” despite some problems.

“There was a fair attendance compared to the expectations of many in the city.

“In general, the election held in Mosul was a surprise to all as the number of voters was more than expected when considering the daily messages and posters threatening voters with death if they went to polling stations,” Ibrahim added.