J.D. Crouch appointed as Deputy National Security advisor

Personnel Announcement

President George W. Bush today announced that he has named Dr. Jack D. Crouch II Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor. Dr. Crouch is the U.S. Ambassador to Romania where he has worked to expand democracy in the region, increase cooperation between the United States and Romania in the global war on terror, and foster Romania’s incorporation into Western security institutions including NATO and the European Union.

I’m filing this one under southwest Missouri news because Crouch was a professor in the Defense and Strategic Studies Department at SMSU in the early to mid 90s. I’ve slept since his class, so I don’t remember if it was ’92 or ’93, but I definitely did not sleep in his class.

Apparently the liberals don’t like the appointment . Big surprise, here’s a very smart articulate guy who happens to believe that things like development of weapons systems ought to be approached rationally and with regard to national security not hysterically and with regard to the feelings of Europeans.

DSS Hubris had this to say, which I concur with:

Well, if the Left doesn’t like him and is already reacting with such bile, then I’d think he must be a good guy, even if I didn’t know him. But since I do, I just want to say “Congratulations!” and I know our country will be safer with him as part of President Bush’s team.