Linspire OS: Not too shabby

Testing the Linspire Live test CD I downloaded. Booted right up. By accident, actually, since I didn’t think I had the CD drive set as the default boot drive. Now I know why the computer’s been so slow to boot when it has music in the CD drive. “CNR” (Click n run) beats “PNP” (Plug n Play) all to hell. It took almost a day to get the network working right on this computer with Windows XP (granted it was because of a corrupt file and the actual fix took less than 10 minutes, but it took a day with tech support to get the solution). On the other hand, I just opened the (Mozilla) web browser on this OS and hit the web running without configuring anything. A few things are a little funny acting. A b2evolution blog won’t let me type in the “Post” section, but this one seems to be working fine, so I’m guessing there’s something not 100% compliant in the b2evolution code. Anyway, fun, fun, fun…

To satisfy all those ethical bloggers out there and for those not bright enough to make the connection on their own – “I have an affiliate link (see the top of the page – please) where you can buy a system running Linspire and theoretically they’ll pay me money for it.” Message courtesy of the “Bloggers Who Will Take a Buck Anywhere They Can Legally Get It.” Have to find somebody to make me a groovy button for the BWWTBATCLGI.

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