Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world

Just when you thought it was time to celebrate; just when John Kerry is cancelling advertising in Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana and Arizona because he’ s writing off those states; just when Dan Rather is issuing his second apology and talking about retirement; somebody decides it’s a good idea to divert a plane because it’s carrying a dangerous folk singer who, like the Mossad, was naive enough to give money to the social welfare wing of Hamas. Of course they have evidence that he is involved in something; Such good evidence that they didn’t so much as search him before putting him back on a plane.

Somebody needs to jump on this grenade and quickly and hit the book tour circuit. Tom Ridge is leaving anyway, let him take responsibility and resign now. Otherwise, it looks like GW may have been taking lessons in reelection from Dad.

I guess while we’re at the “just when”s, I should add just when I am congratulating myself on not being a Libertarian and getting excited about a third place “win.”

In honor of the event, I’m naming the newest adopted kitten “Stevens.” He’s just Kitten Stevens now and I’ve told him if he changes his name to Yussuf, somebody else has to feed him. Not because I’m anit-Moslem, just because Yussuf is a stupid name for a white guy or a striped cat.

Kitten Stevens