Qadafi's got a blog…

Welcome to the Official Site of Muammar Gadafi

Interesting read actually. Apparently Gadafi is trying to be respectable – some of the things he writes are more moderate and better thought out than some of the proposals I’ve seen from Americans who share his socialist leanings. Just a front for a madman? Quite possibly and I certainly wouldn’t trust him any further than I can throw him, but less nutty than some American things I’ve read of late. And for that matter, I wouldn’t trust Jacques Chirac or Gerhard Schröder any further than I can throw them either, so I guess it really is “Welcome back to the community of Nations” for Libya.

As far as the ideas go, for example, in regard to the problems in Kashmir he proposes basically that the solution isn’t an independent Kashmir, but a closer link between India, Pakistan and the rest of the region. His writing doesn’t translate well and so doesn’t appear well written, but that’s the gist of it. In the short run, essentially something along the lines of an Indian Ocean free trade zone and defense alliance and in the longer run something closer to the European Union. Of course, there are still going to be extremist Kashmiri separatists, but the US has it’s white and black separatists. A solution to any “problem area” doesn’t have to eliminate the society’s crazies, it just has to marginalize them and the mad dog’s idea would be a step towards that.

Oh, and “al Gadafi” gives in to American traditions and blogs in his PJs. Even has pictures.