The Scots-Irish and the GOP

Interesting piece on the political values of the Scots-Irish pointed out by middle aged economist Craig Newmark:

The Bush campaign proceeds outward from a familiar mantra: strong leadership, success in war, neighbor helping neighbor, family values, and belief in God. Contrary to many analyses, these issues reach much farther than the oft-discussed Christian right. The president will not win re-election without carrying the votes of the Scots-Irish, along with those others who make up the “Jacksonian” political culture that has migrated toward the values of this ethnic group.

I feel a certain vindication in what I’ve said for a long time – that you don’t have to be a religious zealot to share these values. And as a Scots-Irish Hanna I can vouch that those values are what we hold dear. There is no contradiction in neighbor helping neighbor and not wanting the federal government to hand out welfare. We believe all men are created equal and we greatly admire those that rise to greatness.

A certain actor/director/producer put out a movie a few years ago that showed the base of these values run at least as far back as Thirteenth Century Scotland and unlike his more recent work he managed to slide it by the Hollywood liberals. But the final message is still the same. John Kerry and his ilk may occasionally win an election, but they will never take our freedom.