What sucks about eBay

I like shopping online and I like looking for bargains. I don’t mind buying used or refurbished things if the price is right. So eBay is a perfect fit, right? Well, not exactly. Allow me to explain.

I had read two articles, one about Sony’s new competitor to the iPod and one about the Dell Digital Jukebox trade-in offer for iPods. So I got inspired. Thought maybe I’ll go to eBay and see if I can find a used or surplus iPod or Dell Digital Jukebox. So I search for iPod. I get about 2000 responses, most of them for things like cases, USB cables and other iPod accessories. I’ve gone through the same thing with a half dozen other things. Get the same problem when using Froogle (which I really like otherwise). With their cash reserves and their grasp of technology, you’d think the folks at eBay could figure out a way to make it easy to do a search and get what you want, instead of having to wade through 1800 results of which 1700 are irrelevant. I’m not sure, but I think that if I was selling fishing tackle and put “I like to listen to my iPod while I’m reeling in the big bass with this lure,” in the listing, it would pop up when someone searched for an iPod. Anyway, if I buy one, it most likely won’t be through eBay. Think I’ll go check overstock.com…..