What the Hell are they thinking?

Yahoo! News – Groups Ask Court to Block Gay Marriages
“Conservative groups pleaded with a federal judge Wednesday in an 11th-hour bid to stop the nation’s first state-sanctioned gay marriages from taking place next week in Massachusetts.”

These groups calling themselves “conservative” is like…well, John McCain calling himself a Republican. Marriage is a state issue. The Massachusetts decision was based on the Massachusetts Constitution. The proper role for federal courts in this is to stay out of it.

“Conservative groups may be trying to make a point, but ‘there’s very small chance it will be anything other than a symbolic point,’ said David Yas, an attorney and editor of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly. ‘I wouldn’t call it a frivolous lawsuit….'”

Okay, I will. It’s a frivolous lawsuit. Regardless of your thoughts on gay marriage, this federal suit ranks right up there with tobacco company and gun manufacturer class actions – it should be thrown out immediately and there should be sanctions against the attorneys who brought it. This lawsuit is far more dangerous to the sanctity of marriage in the other 49 states than a state supreme court decision based on one state constitution.