CBS News sets a new low – election fraud by a major news organization

WorldNetDaily: CBS News denies Bush docs forged

National Review’s “Kerry Spot” weblog cited Bruce Webster, an expert witness in U.S. District Court cases on computer document forensics, who wrote the memo posted online by CBS News “has all sorts of problems … . The typefaces weren’t available on typewriters in 1973.”

A reader of the weblog Powerline said the document appears to use superscript ‘th,’ but there “are no keys on any typewriter in common use in 1973 which could produce a tiny “th.” The forger got careless after creating the August 1, 1972 document and slipped up big-time.”

A number of Web contributors said they could create an exact representation of the document using Microsoft Word.

In case there was any doubt left that Dan Rather and CBS news were fierce Democratic partisans willing to betray any notion of journalistic integrity, read the article above and check the links. Shouldn’t John Kerry be condemning this? Oh yeah, I forgot, a double standard is assumed.

Update: Apparently he can’t condemn it, since CBS got the memo from his campaign. Sounds to me like “he betrayed this country…”