Alarming antitrade action

The Eclectic Econoclast is alarmed by the economic impact of growing US protectionism:

Not only has the US refused to abide by WTO decisions that the US is in violation of its trade agreements with its anti-dumping shinanigans, but now the US is imposing protective tariffs against Chinese textiles. This is beginning to border on the alarming

Equally alarming is the political aspect of this latest action. This happened after the last election when we elected a Congress that was more strongly Republican and reelected a Republican President. Free trade was theoretically a part of the package we voted for. Unfortunately the pro-freedom crowd is just an amorphous group within the Republican Party (albeit the vast majority of it) without the organization of the evangelical crowd. When that group wants payback, Ralph Reed and Randall Terry make a few calls and Congress passes a bill opposed by 70% of the American people. (Not complaining about the particular bill mind you, just noting the effectiveness of the Christian organizations.)

I’m not one of those who worries about a split between pro-freedom and Christian Republicans coming about organically, but it is worrisome when the elected officials choose to ignore such a major base of support. If there is a split, it’s going to come not from the base but from policymakers.