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New distributed computing project to search for gravity waves

Slashdot | BOINC Project to Search for Gravitational Waves Buzz Skyline writes “Einstein@Home is a new, BOINC-based distributed computing project that will analyze data from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory (LIGO). The goal is to perform a whole-sky, gravitational wave survey of pulsars. Beta-test versions of the Einstein@Home screen saver should be available by […]

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Hiatus and Storm

Blogging and everything else online may be on hiatus for a few days. Half the county, including our house, is without power. Staying at my parents house tonight, but they have no phone service. Just ttopped in the office for a quick email check and to let a few people know why they weren’t hearing […]

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Another Reason to Use Mozilla: Follow Your Money to 'Microsoft Corporation'

Follow Your Money to ‘Microsoft Corporation’ Most of the Top Democratic Donors actually give more money to Republicans than to Democrats. Microsoft is one of the exceptions. Which is really stupid considering that it was the Clinton Justice Dept. that pressed for breaking up the company and the Bush Justice Dept. that settled the case.

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What sucks about eBay

I like shopping online and I like looking for bargains. I don’t mind buying used or refurbished things if the price is right. So eBay is a perfect fit, right? Well, not exactly. Allow me to explain. I had read two articles, one about Sony’s new competitor to the iPod and one about the Dell […]

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