Retire Byrd

Hiram Lewis for US Senate

Create Jobs

Hiram Lewis believes in supporting economic initiatives that grow the economy and lessens the governmental role in the overall economy. A fiscal conservative, Hiram believes in cutting waste, fraud, and abuse in government and providing tax relief to all tax payers. Hiram has small family business background. “Small businesses account for the majority of newly created jobs. We need to create an environment in West Virginia that is condusive to growing small business and creating jobs.”

Strengthen Security and Defense

Hiram Lewis believes in strong homeland security and defense. As a veteran and current member of the West Virginia Army National Guard, Hiram has first-hand experience with the men and women on the front lines in the Global War on Terror. In fact, 9/11 led Hiram to volunteer for the National Guard. Hiram Lewis has the experience and credentials to provide the leadership necessary to protect our nation’s position in the world and our children’s future here at home.


Hiram believes in result-oriented education programs. Hiram attended public schools in McDowell and Hancock counties. He will work with leaders to improve education throughout the mountain state.

Protecting Our Right to Bear Arms

Hiram Lewis is a member of the NRA and former EVC for the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Affairs. He has an “A” rating from the NRA Political Victory Fund. Hiram believes in the Constitutional right to bear arms and considers the right fundamental to preserving our hunting heritage and traditions. Hiram has hunted all his life and continues to pass on the hunting tradition to his son, Zachary.

Protecting Life

Hiram is pro-life and has been endorsed by right to life organizations in the past. Hiram is a member of West Virginian’s for Life and promotes its cause.